O P E N    S T U D I O   P R I N T    S A L E


Polly Hope's Spitalfields Studio will open a unique exhibition featuring a collection of prints, screen prints, embroideries and etchings spanning the artist's entire career. These include photo-montages or collages, many of which are autobiographical. The images come directly from the numbers of photographs taken by the artist wherever she finds herself, using the camera as an economical equivalent to a drawing pad or notebook. The motifs are not conventional 'views' or vignettes but scenes and situations sliced up, edited, re-composed and structured to achieve the edgiest results. In addition, posters, postcards, catalogues and books by Polly Hope will also be available to buy.

Polly Hope is a successful artist, designer and writer who lives and works in an old brewery in Spitalfields, East London. Polly works consistently as a figurative artist with a keen appreciation of abstract principles and she likes to move freely from one medium to another, from drawing to painting, from printmaking to photography, from making sculpture to designing and executing murals and other decorative commissions. She excels as an artist in all these disciplines and sometimes likes to blur the edges herself between different techniques.

Polly Hope ©  2012